PUUR and Playboy

Services: Brand and Graphic Design for Social Media and Google Ads Campaigns. Copywriting advertising marketing funnels to get attention, get results, and convince consumers to purchase content, products, and bundles from two brands joint marketing.
Industry: E-Commerce Retail and Media & Entertainment Content Services.
Objective: Develop and Deliver unique, persuasive and convincing advertising campaign creatives and copywriting in marketing funnels that get results selling Playboy Entertainment services bundled with men’s PUUR personal care products = SALES. LEADS. Grow Business Today.

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

Both PUUR and Playboy needed revenue growth.   
Playboy also needed to consolidate and design brilliant campaigns to relaunch the Playboy App (Centerfold) and compete with OnlyFans and other content platform services.

Solution and Results

MediaMagic created compelling creatives and copywriting hooks, value statements, bundles, and marketing and sales funnels from ad to landing pages, to e-commerce checkout processes.  
Entire sales funnels and data analytics with event tracking were part of this scope as well.  
This is ongoing.

PUUR and Playboy
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