Subarashii Kudamono Gourmet Asian Pears SEO Case Study

Industry: E-Commerce Retail, Produce, Holiday Fruit Gifts
Objective: Sell All Seasonal Harvested Asian Pears at Optimal Price

Holly Harter
Marketing, Sales & E-Comm, Subarashii Kudamono Gourmet Asian Pears

Media Magic, when they learned that our site needed to be re-optimized, developed a comprehensive technical plan for us to consider. After reading this plan, we were immensely impressed by the degree of detail presented, technical proficiency outlined and list of basic housekeeping we needed to address. It was an impressive awakening, but inspiring by how strong our site and pages would become.

Not only did TMM (Team MediaMagic) write this killer plan, their team in concert with our staff and developer were surgically effective in executing all outlined tasks. We are pleased to have a healthy, streamlined and well-optimized site!

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

Faced with a site that needed to be re-optimized, their own programmer said:

“Hey, you need to check out Media Magic…gotta see what they can do!”

Subarashii Kudamono is an exclusive produce brand in Pennsylvania, USA shipping gift boxes of its unique Asian Pear varieties nationwide via its e-commerce site. Subarashii needed to have its site re-optimized for improved search engine optimization to increase its organic visibility online particularly during the Fall and holiday shopping season when its fruit annually becomes available for sale in the US.

Solution and Results

Because the site’s SEO was made current based upon the search engine search patterns, Subarashii experienced a significant boost in organic web traffic. This included identifying what top ranking keywords need to be integrated into the site as well as refreshing placement of current strong performing keywords within the body of the sites’ pages. TMM suggestion of highly optimized pages, also part of the plan, was an invaluable addition to the site. Subarashii also felt improved confidence about its e-comm site overall due to the impressive “housekeeping” that TMM identified to make sure the site could avail itself to all best practices, protocols and compliance with regards to internet searching and Google Analytics 4. Subarashii is proud to have a solid e-commerce site through TMM’s support.

Subarashii Kudamono Gourmet Asian Pears SEO Case Study
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