Is email marketing still relevant in 2024??๐Ÿš€

Hell yea!! It's still the "killer app" in this world.... after all these years... ONLY if done right however. But this is the same thing with social media ads or google ads... anyone can open an account, create an ad, and waste money. Don't do this. According to a study by the Data & Marketing Association, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $42 in ROI. BUT only if do just it right! Straight to some of the ingredients to get you KPIs like 60%+ open rates, 30% CTRs, 10% conversions, and so on.

+ 9 Golden Best Practices

Well designed sales and marketing funnels end to end... make them: 1. Industry Relevant 2. Empathetic 3. Authentic 4. Personalized 5. Have an offer that's appealing to your audience 6. Relevant to and attractive to your customer audience 7. Timed and sent at the right time and day of the week 8. Either text based or image creatives with CTAs in all the right places! 9. Check the data analytics, KPIs and retarget with automation logic. + have your SDRs call out to those who open your emails 1, 2, or 3 times... land on landing pages, and engage... but stop short of booking a client meeting!! Want to know more? How can I help your Tech or SaaS business? Book a 30 Minute Magic Meeting and find out how me and my team can be your Global Growth Platform and Engine as a seamless extension of your team. Cheers!
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Global Growth Platform Workshop in Wroclaw, POLAND

We can show you how to implement a consistently successful, global growth platform for your SaaS or Tech company.ย  ย Whether you are 25 employees and $1M in ARR, or a larger brand with $25M in ARR and 150 employees, and you need to get to $100M in ARR, we WILL help you get there as a direct extension of your team with decades of successful experience and accomplishments.

Better to do it right upfront, than to have to go back and fix broken email campaigns. Take the time to do setup for 1 week."
โ€” Thomas Knapp
Thomas Knapp,
CEO and Managing Partner
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