Guru Money (Guru$$) Case Study

Industry: Media & Entertainment (Hollywood)
Objective: The objectives were to get one million views within 30 days actually and then two million views by September 1st 2023.
We have overachieved the 1st goal. We also optimized campaigns extremely well targeting specific demographics in the United States to help our client get the attention he needed from the big film studios in Hollywood in Burbank.

Erik Passoja

“TMM has done an excellent job helping us narrow down our target audiences and marketing the video to the right industry movers and shakers. Highly recommended!”

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

The challenge our client faced was to have the right Facebook and Instagram social media advertising expertise at the right value to compliment another campaign he was doing and so he came to MediaMagic to get to the right resources and team which we have in social media advertising. To listen to his specific goals, understand his objectives and work very closely with our client to to meet his goals and objectives for the GURU Project in the timeframe that he gave us.

The challenge was to show the clip to as many people as possible at the lowest possible CTR and CPC. But the main audience is the big Hollywood film companies. The idea is that this clip is for entertainment and thus Eric wants to attract the attention of companies in order to get roles in future films and to produce a full feature film of GURU.

Solution and Results

MediaMagic created complex demographic audiences, ad sets, and ads targeting the right users on Facebook and Instagram to get as many click-throughs to view the video on YouTube as possible. To achieve this task we work very closely with our client to optimize our ads and ad sets to reach the right people at the right cost per click and cost click-through rates. We have achieved over 1 million views in the timeframe that he gave us so it was a success!

Guru Money (Guru$$) Case Study
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