CheckAIM WordPress Plugin and Shopify App Case Study

Industry: SaaS (Software as a Service)
Objective: Develop and publish both Wordpress and Shopify plugins and apps to marketplaces for CheckAIM’s customers. Perform all coding and get through approvals processes.

Andy Reeve, CEO of Searlco Ltd. (CheckAIM) United Kingdom

“MediaMagic developed, quality assured, and published complex WordPress and Shopify plugin and marketplace apps for our CheckAIM fraud detection and prevention SaaS platform. It was a difficult project from an approvals and vetting process on both WordPress and Shopify needs; however the MM development and project team managed all the existing and new WP and Shopify requirements to develop, submit, and get us approvals and apps running in production for our customers to install and use in their websites”

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

Our client came to MediaMagic with a special request to develop two software projects: a WordPress Plugin and a Shopify Marketplace App. SearlCo Ltd is located in London, UNITED KINGDOM in EUROPE.

Client needed expert Web Development and coding to design and develop these two plugins and applications for 2 separate CMSes.

Solution and Results

MediaMagic provided software web development services and created their Shopify App and WordPress Plugin. We managed both through the entire approvals’ processes also. We beat out 25 other competitors with the best value ser vices proposal for web design and development.

We scoped out the project, did initial designs, worked closely with our client SearlCo Ltd,, and Shopify to:

1. development

2. submission to add to marketplace and plugins

3. management of process

4. client communication and project management the entire 8 week process

5. resolving all technical and submission requirements for hosting, WordPress and Shopify

Our client is happy and satisfied.

CheckAIM WordPress Plugin and Shopify App Case Study
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