Jill Milan Case Study

Industry: E-Commerce Retail
Objective: Develop and Deliver Shopify to Shipmonk Global Integration for shipping, sales tax, and logistics to South Korea, Vietnam, USA, EU, Australia, and Canada.   Our Client needed to ensure all zip codes, shipping costs + markup, and order fulfillment options were integrated with their Shopify store and set up 100s of combinations for their customers worldwide. 

Milan Lazich, Co-Founder, Jill Milan

“MediaMagic provided excellent web development and Shopify integration services, so we could get our worldwide store and fulfillment up and running on ShipMonk. I highly recommend them for web development and API needs for retail and e-commerce brands.”

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

Jill Milan is a specialty brand, Designed in California and Manufactured in Italy.

They needed to move to Shopify for E-Commerce and Shipmonk for global fulfillment and shipping. Setting up the integration was easier said than done. Having 100s of zip codes and cities to ship to in countries for their customers made taxation and fulfillment costs complex to calculate and automate to meet consumer buying requirements and the needs of the Jill Milan brand to “go global.” More than 800 combinations needed to be created and accounted for in Shopify ECommerce and then matched to correct options and pricing for shipping and fulfillment by Shipmonk from Florida, USA.

Solution and Results

MediaMagic provided expert Shopify Web Development services to install, configure, and setup API integrations from Shopify to Shipmonk and then set all shipping zones, classes, and product SKUs in a complex matrix of pricing configurations to meet global shipping needs in the USA, EU, South Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Jill Milan Case Study
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