MediaMagic Global B2B Website

Industry: Professional Services, IT Services and Digital Marketing
Objective: Design core site templates, Industry pages, services plans and products, SEO content pages, blog, team, and lead capture elements in beautifully designed B2B workflows and marketing funnels for this brand. We also had to mobile optimize and personalize the experiences while enabling the site in 8 languages to serve clients in multiple languages and countries.

PROBLEM AND CHALLENGES they faced before they came to the MediaMagic Team for Help

No previous designs could be used from the Founder’s 1st version website that was designed and published from 2 years earlier.    We also had to move the site from Squarespace to WordPress while designing and developing an E-Commerce store, product plans (think Hubspot), 8 languages, SMS and Email marketing pricing calculators and extending all designs across 88 pages in total.  We created a professional Brand Book.   We created distinct and beautiful designs for both desktop and mobile versions with the User Experience in mind for B2B clients.    The time frame for this was challenging also to do it in 6 months or less of full time implementation.

Solution and Results

We designed and developed this website on WordPress from scratch.    10+ plugins had to be set up and configured; marketing funnels designed, desktop and mobile versions designed and developed, and custom code and themes designed and developed that were modular, so new pages could be created easily in the CMS in the future.   We also developed custom code and designed pricing calculators for MediaMagic’s B2B SMS and Email Marketing campaigns pricing calculators. We did the same for the marketing automation licensing pricing to allow B2B clients of this brand to easily price and configure services plans to match their wants and needs.

All the while and during this process, we designed User Experience workflows that created an intuitive user experience for website visitors.  We emphasize this importance since it’s vital to create great user experience for potential clients.

MediaMagic Global B2B Website
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